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Related article: Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 16:32:03 +0000 From: SUBiGuypostmaster.co.uk Subject: Adventures in Archbold Gym**DISCLAIMER** This story is fictional. Any resemblance of these characters to any in real life are completely coincidental. If you should not be reading this according to your communities standards, please hit the back button now. My characters don't have the risk of AIDS. Everyone real does, practice safe sex. Otherwise enjoy!My Adventures in Archbold Gym: After my normal morning workout, I wandered back into the Men's locker room in Archbold Gym. I passed through the double doors and made my way to the mid-section of the locker block. I opened my locker and began removing my clothes. I stripped down to my jockey briefs, then slipped them off my legs. I wrapped a towel around myself, and made my way into the shower area. Maybe I should Lolitas Underage describe myself for you. Imagine a person 6 feet tall, with brown hair, hazel eyes, weighing around 180lbs. My build is very average, with my best feature by far being my legs. I'm 19 years old, and have known since I was a 12 year old kid laying in bed with my friends, 69ing, that I was bisexual. I had girlfriends during the day, and sometimes at night, but any other time, my male friends would do fine. So I'm walking back into the common shower area. I hear some water running, but I can't see where it's coming from. I head into the next room of showerheads, and hang my towel on the wall. I begin by washing my hair, then move slowly down my body, lingering ever so long no my semi-hard shaft, and my balls. I decide there would be time enough for that later, and finish washing up. Since it's still early in the morning, and not another soul appears to be in the shower room, I casually walk over towards the vacant shower head that's running. As I get closer and closer I begin to hear a faint moaning. I glance around the corner of the room, and there, standing against the unopened pool doors, I see two of the hottest studs I've ever seen in my life. Both of the well defined, with a definite swimmers build. Muscles hard, tanned bodies, hairless except where it counts- I was in shock. I was hard, that much was sure. I stared intently, not having been noticed at the two studs going at it before me. There was a shorter blonde guy on his knees in front of the brunette, going at it for all he was worth. The brunette was pushed back against the wall and seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. I saw them slide to the floor together, and shift into a 69 position. I began to stroke my cock in earnest, pulling the cut foreskin as far over the head, squeezing for the ultimate pleasure, all while trying to remain unseen. The blond kid started moaning and shuddered orgasmically as he emptied his load into the eager brunette's mouth. The blond then went back to work on the beautiful cock before him. This is when the brunette looked up at me. "Well don't just stand there, the shower is on for a reason -- distraction. Are you gonna fill my mouth or what?" I walked over to him and lowered myself to him. He attacked the cock before him and ravagely began sucking on it. He was great, it was one of the best blowjobs I have ever recieved in my life. Amidst all this, I was not standing still, I was licking and touching them both everywhere. As I felt the brunette tense up, beginning to cum deep in the blonde's throat, He picked up the pace on my cock, eager to taste my cum. He ran his tongue along the underside of the head one last time, and my body tensed up, and my cock began convulsing spitting my fiery seed deep into his stomach. We cleaned ourselves up, showered together, making sure everything got clean, then went back into the main locker room. But what happened there is a completely different story... This story is NOT endorsed by Syracuse University, although it would be by most of the gay community therein. Any comments are readily accepted at SUBiGuypostmaster.co.uk, flames as always are ignored.
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